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Photos of our construction Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho March 2024-2025

Photos of our construction Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho March 2024-2025

In March 2024 we started the construction of our Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho and swimming pool in the Algarve, Portugal. Have fun viewing the photos!

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June 2024

June 18


June 13th

June 11

June 10th


June 9

5 June

June 4

June 3

June 2nd

Weekend June 1

May 2024

May 31

30th of May

May 29

27th of May

May 26 Weekend!

May 22nd

21st of May

May 20th

May 18 Weekend!

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May 10th

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6 May

May 4 Weekend!

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April 20 weekend

April 19

April 19

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April 9

April 6 Weekend!

April 5th

March 2024

27 March

FINALLY, March 2024 we started construction of our Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho, Algarve in Portugal. Our smile won't leave our faces for a while!

March 13: signing of agreement with our Portuguese contractors

As you can see from the photos, we are still building our Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho. We hope to open in summer 2025. We already have great offers for you, click here for more information!

If you would like to read more about why we had to wait three years for the building permit, click here .

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