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Pearl of the Algarve

Pearl of the Algarve

Seahorses, dolphins, flamingos, chameleons and migratory birds can be spotted in the beautiful and unique nature reserve Ria Formosa in the sunny Algarve, where our future Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho is located.

Eastern Algarve in Portugal
When you think of the Algarve, you have an image of sun, sea and beach. But there's more! In the eastern part of the Algarve, between Faro and Tavira, there is a 60 kilometer long belt of islands and peninsulas with a lagoon behind them.

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Ria Formosa nature reserve
This entire Ria Formosa nature reserve also consists of sandbanks, salt pans, swamps, white beaches and dunes with plants and animals. You can actually compare it with our Wadden area.

Our village of Moncarapacho is located near this protected nature reserve Ria Formosa. From our plot we look out over the fishing village of Fuseta, the Atlantic Ocean and this unique lagoon.

Photo: Fuseta fishermen's houses

Unique environment for bird watchers and hikers
This breeding and migratory bird area is very interesting for bird watchers. There are many different types of birds to spot. The most famous for us laymen are the storks, flamingos and herons.

When it is dark, we see in the distance the small fishing boats on the Atlantic Ocean catching octopus with bright lights. These are sold fresh every morning in the market halls in the various seaside villages.

You can't get much fresher (and tastier) fish and shellfish than in the Ria Formosa. In the village of Olhao on the boulevard we regularly eat oysters at a French cafe. These oysters are farmed in the lagoon you overlook.

Spotting dolphins in the Algarve
In the lagoon you will also find freshwater turtles, seahorses and dolphins. With boat excursions you can, with a bit of luck, spot these dolphins, especially in the spring.

Chameleons are also found here. We have seen them in our garden twice this summer. One even fell from the tree on top of Maarten's shoulder! They are quite rare and are beautiful to see, especially their special way of moving.

The Parque Natural de Ria Formosa visitor center, part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, is located on the edge of the lively village of Olhao. About 10 kilometers from us. Here you can spot these chameleons and many other animal species.

Photo: chameleon in our garden

Seahorses in the Algarve
What we didn't know is that the Ria Formosa is home to the largest community of seahorses. Unfortunately, the seahorse population has declined drastically over the last 20 years due to environmental changes, illegal fishing or excessive shipping traffic.

Our German neighbors told us that they, together with other members of the local Rotary club, are raising funds. With this money, seahorses are released in a protected area of the Ria Formosa where sailing and fishing are prohibited.

The German news even paid attention to this relocation of seahorses and everything that comes with it. A great joint international initiative! Read more about the seahorses .

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