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Our village of Moncarapacho

Our village of Moncarapacho

Less than a kilometer from our plot is the small village of Moncarapacho. A village with 7,000 inhabitants with a very active club life and restaurants, supermarkets, markets and various shops.

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Photo: square of Moncarapacho

Blog about Moncarapacho

If you would like to know more about our village of Moncarapacho in the Algarve, read more on Feikje Meeuwsen's travel blog about Moncarapacho . Feikje travels throughout Europe with her husband and knows how to captivate you with photos and her story.

At first she thought the following about Moncarapacho: "at first glance it is a village with nothing to do or see. Walk through it once, beautiful church, many dilapidated houses, cup of coffee on the central square. Then you have it." seen".

That's what she thought. When they wintered in Moncarapacho for more than 3 months and therefore stayed longer, she discovered how nice the town is. Also get to know Moncarapacho through the eyes of Feikje . Enjoy reading!

Photo: square of Moncarapacho

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