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On holiday with your baby

On holiday with your baby

On holiday with your baby in the sunny Algarve where the bed and highchair are ready, that is possible at our future Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho. Our future rental accommodations are for 1-3 people, young, old, together or alone.

It is also possible for a young family with a baby or toddler to stay with us. Casa Pauline , the completely renovated Portuguese house, has a small baby/toddler bedroom in addition to the large bedroom.

If you want to experience for yourself what the eastern Algarve has to offer from 2025, don't forget to take a look at our attractive anticipation discount offer !

Baby room
This small bedroom has a single bed and a baby bed with chest of drawers and changing mat. A high chair, potty and toys will also be included. The entire house and garden will be child-friendly so that you can optimally enjoy your holiday together.

Grandpa and Grandma
And if you want to spend a holiday* with your family, each with their own accommodation, that is also possible. Casa Florine will be a spacious luxury holiday studio located directly behind Casa Pauline. The gardens are adjacent to each other. The jeu de boules court by the pool is ready for a mutual competition!

Swimming pool
The shared and heated swimming pool of 4-8 meters is located on the other side of Casa Pauline. Because the garden of this Portuguese house is completely fenced and closed, it is not accessible to the toddler.

For safety and to maintain the warmth of the water, we want to place a deck on the swimming pool. Toys for the pool are provided. And of course nice large towels. All you need to bring is swimwear and swimming wings.

Photo: Quinta da Tor swimming pool and winery in early April

There are beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean along the entire coast of the Algarve. To go to the beach with a baby or toddler, we recommend the neighboring fishing village of Fuseta. In this village, less than 7 kilometers from us, there is an inner beach with sunbeds, parasols and the sea is shallow and has no waves.

You can park almost on the beach so you don't have to walk far with all the shovels, supplies, towels and especially your own parasol! The Portuguese also come here with their families, especially at weekends. And it has a beautiful beach bar called “Borda d'Agua” where you can eat delicious food and of course buy ice creams!

Photo: Fuseta inner beach April

Health and safety is our top priority. Going on holiday with a baby or toddler is sometimes a challenge. What if something is wrong with the little one?

iMergencies Care
We are affiliated with iMergencies Care and for our guests with iMergencies Tourist Care. They ensure that foreigners who do not speak Portuguese well are helped quickly and adequately in (often) their own mother tongue. Read more about iMergencies here.

Our skilled and sympathetic Dutch GP lives and works in a health center in a nearby village. Two dentists in our village and a large pharmacy.

Additional services
This includes a stocked refrigerator upon arrival, champagne in the room, hotel service every day. We can also arrange a massage, yoga or golf lessons, etc. for you. Please let us know when you book what we can do for you.

Discount promotion
During the construction period of our Boutique Guesthouse, receive a 20-40% discount on your future stay in our future luxury holiday homes. In the high season, for example, you do not pay 1225 euros, but 735 euros for a week with a 40% discount. Wonderful anticipation and a very affordable dream holiday in the Algarve for you and your family!

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Via WhatsApp: "By the way, your sons had drawn my attention to the possibility of investing in your start-up. I think it would be fun to do. It all looks beautiful there with you! Just sign me up for 2000 euros and I will come We will definitely visit with the family. How does that work? Do you have an account number that I can transfer it to?

Via the Guesthouse-Moncarapacho website: "Hi, how is it going? Question: how long is the discount code valid? Should it be used immediately in 2024? or is it also possible in 2025 / 2026? Greetings from Belgium, Hi, Great, then write me down for € 1000 and send the agreement for signing. Greetings from Belgium and good luck!

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Photo: Fuseta inner beach April, on the other side Ilha de Fuseta and the Atlantic Ocean

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