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Walking, golfing, SUPing, yoga, massage, culture, nature, petanque, birdwatching, cooking and creative workshops and many more activities can be done near our future Boutique Guesthouse-Moncarapacho with two luxury rental holiday accommodations East Algarve in the south of Portugal.

We are happy to show you what you can do in the area. For more sporting activities click here and for wellness click here . For the more creative workshops click here. If you want to experience for yourself what the eastern Algarve has to offer from 2025, don't forget to take a look at our attractive anticipation discount offer!

Our area with the Ria Formosa nature park can actually be compared to the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. Boats and small ferries sail from almost all villages every day to the various picturesque islands. From Olhao you can sail to Ilha da Armona, Ilha da Culatra and Ilha do Farol. From Tavira to Ilha de Tavira and from Fuseta to Ilha da Fuseta.

But there are also various boat trips from Faro, for example to Ilha Deserta with its chic restaurant Estamine, there is nothing more! When you cross these islands on foot you will reach the beautiful wide beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

Exceptions are Praia do Barill and Praia do Faro. No boats here, but you can get to the Atlantic Ocean by taking a tourist train or on foot. Especially in the summer you will find cozy restaurants and bars everywhere on the various islands.

Architecture Discovery Tour Algarve
Will Kohlen, Dutch architect, has apps on his website with a number of Architectural Walking Tours in the Algarve. On request he organizes a group tour in one of the beautiful towns of the Algarve.

We live in a unique environment for bird watchers. On our land we see birds praying in the sky, the hopper passes by every now and then and when it gets dark we hear the owl. The Ria Formosa Natural Park , breeding and migratory bird area, is very interesting for bird watchers. There are many different species of birds to spot. The most famous for us laymen are the herons, flamingos and storks. You see the latter everywhere with their nests on chimneys and churches!

Villages and towns (under construction)



You will find salt extraction companies everywhere on our coast.

Photo: seen from the tourist train in Tavira

Fuseta is a small fishing village located a 10-minute drive from our Guesthouse. It is the neighboring village of the larger Olhão and, like this town, is located on the beautiful Ria Formosa natural park. It is a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and tranquility, hikers, but also for sports enthusiasts who want to kitesurf or windsurf in the bay.

The great thing about Fuseta is that everything is within walking distance, the harbor, the boulevard, the center and the beach. Fishing boats and pleasure boats are located along the quay. You will also find the fishing huts that are still in use. The locals on the terrace of small cafes drink a bica or cerveja in the sun.

There are a number of nice sights to see in and around Fuseta during your visit.

The fishing village has a bay and an inner beach in the middle of the Ria de Formosa nature reserve, Algarve. Very suitable for the elderly and a family, because you can park in front of the “door” and walk onto the beach. There are no waves, so it is safe for young and old and the lifeguard also keeps an eye on things.

The Borda d'Aqua beach pavilion not only has good food but also delicious cocktails. Of course there are also several fish restaurants with fresh fish on the grill. A sangria or chilled wine should not be missed!

Photo: one of the many fish restaurants in Fuseta

You can cross to Fuseta Ilha in 10 minutes by boat. Beautiful wide beaches and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. A completely different holiday experience!


Spotting dolphins

Excursions are organized from Fuseta to spot dolphins. They mainly look for the Delphinus Delphis (common dolphin), a small beautifully colored dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. There are also other dolphin species, orcas, whales, sharks and angelfish swimming there, but the chance of encountering them is much smaller.

There is no guarantee that you will see dolphins. They are there all year round, but as it gets warmer from June to October, the chance increases.


Monterosa olive oil tour

The olive trees are an indispensable part of the Algarve. About a kilometer from us is Monterosa where you can take a tour of their olive grove. There are also options to book a picnic on their olive grove.

Here it is explained in English how the process from olive to olive oil works. And of course you can taste and buy their different olive oils. Monterosa has also won several major awards with their olive oil!

Check out their website Monterosa for details or read more about this in Feikje Meeuwsen's travel blog.

Below in the photo you can see the olive harvest at our neighbors. They have the same olive trees as Monterosa and that is why our neighbors are the only ones allowed to have their olives pressed (on the same day as the picking).

Photo: from our rental accommodations you look out over this olive orchard


Vila Real

Monte Gordo

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